Thursday, 30 October 2014

Week 1, 2, 3, & 4

Week 1

1. we planned what things were going to build in the city

2. We got into a line of experienced Minecrafters; one to ten

3. We planned our wants and needs and finally we made a Minecraft treaty

4. Making sure that we had a "10" and a "1" person in each group, we got into groups  depending on what we wanted to build

5. On Tuesday, we went to see Danny and Audrey at the south learning centre. There we built some practises

Week 2

1. We posted our 'before' ideas and 'after' reflections and the result was this;                     



Week 3

 This week was a definite success on minecraft. Jake M, Henry and I (the housing group) completed an entire house!! Again we used padlet, and we all set our goals. Here they are;

Are you're wanting to know if I finished my goal?? If that is the case, look below. If not, don't read any more of this!!

"We finished the house and the back garden, so I'd say a mostly yes. But I also wanted to do a front garden."

Simple_minecraft_house-8.jpg (1920×1080)
My favourite part was when we got a comment from Amelie - she said 'Is that a house guys??' It may have been better though when she added 'Can it be my house??' This obviously meant that she thought our house was really good.  (: thnx Amelie!! :)

The goal I have for next time is to build an old brick apartment for twelve groups of flatmates to live in. I think that it should be called 'The Leaky Cauldron'.
house-from-end.w654.jpg (592×370)

Anyways, I think that this week's session at Minecraft was the best week yet.

Week 4

I didn't manage to start the Leaky Cauldron this week, and while this week wasn't quite as successful as last week, we now have two houses completed. I'm actually surprised at how professional they look. The first one, I think you've already seen. But the second one is -  well I think you better look for yourself; It's quite difficult to explain.

2013-01-20_11.20.15.jpg (854×480)

It's rather simple, but still. I think it will be my house, though then it may have a few changes. We're going to work on the Leaky Cauldron next time; We won't fail, and I will certainly make sure of that. Anyway, something went terribly wrong. Do you know what Grieving is? Grieving is when someone damages you or your property. So, some scum bags came along and put water everywhere in our world. That, is Grieving. It was quite annoying to come back to our builds, only to find that we had water everywhere. Before I built the house, room 19 did, once again, Padlet time. The first one, I think you'll find you like it better than the others that you have already seen;

I think you'll like  the next one too (especially surfers - no offence non-surfers);

That was for the background. Anyway, that's the end of this post, so I suppose you should check out my next post. Bye!!