Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Week 5, 6 & 7

Week 5

This week at Minecraft was - well, I can't say a complete success, but it was more of a half-success. I mean, I'm pulling my hair out because we didn't even start number three, but at least the other two houses look great!!!!

So, like all the previous sessions, we started by posting our goals up on Padlet. We typed our goals on the Pre-comment, and Mr Scurr set them to "Grid" mode;

I know, It doesn't have a background like the other two, but it's easier to read, because the posts aren't all on top of each other. Anyway, then we had the actual session. It was pretty, well, different from the other sessions we had. I say, it's good the Police had the Police Station built - they got their first prisoner!! Here's what happened:

I was just building a more modern roof, when I looked off the house. There was something going on beneath me. So I jumped off the roof to get a better look. Oh, don't worry, we were on creative mode so I didn't break an arm or anything. So I jumped down, and then I saw that someone was using invisibility potion. Now I, of course, couldn't see who it was, as they were invisible. I had to fly up onto the roof because out of nowhere at all, Rylee appeared and splashed milk on the person. It was Zain!! He explained that he was doing a "little joke" with Gary and he was pretending "to be a block", but still, he broke the law (well, actually it's the treaty, but law sounds better), so he goes to prison. Look how harsh it is in the cells!!!!

undergroundcity-28.jpg (1600×950)

They are pretty harsh - Imagine staying in one!! Anyway, here are the newly improved houses. Have your opinion on them on comment at the bottom of this page. ;)??

stair-roof-vertical-ends.jpg (1920×1005)

And the other one;

xmlqj7.png (1599×958)

But we cut down the sugarcane, because it doesn't really look good. Never mind the background, it was just one of those really random things that I use the randomiser for. But this week my mum, Sarah, Sarah and Mrs Harris came, and they really liked that. We had music for a change, and it was this:


And I hope you enjoyed my Week 5 Blog!! So...... Bye!!!!

Week 6

Welcome back, and hello!! This week at Minecraft we started doing videos. My group (housing) didn't do our filming today, but the good news is that the houses have furniture in them!!!! In the bedroom in my house, there is a entire wall of pictures!!

minecraft_nikolas_bedroom_by_minecrapcreators-d4pfoti.jpg (900×515)

And also some decoration in it. At first my attempted couch was humongous and didn't look like a couch at all, so I had to ask Jake M to make me a proper one. We had lots of fun listening to the others' videos - I liked Manor's Roller Coaster and Carter's Water Slide - Rylee's lobby and Anna's cells are good too. They are all very nice and well-furnished; I hope the houses look that good!!!!

Week 7

Well, the last week at Minecraft has finally arrived. We had our last chance to finish our builds, and we now have two more humongous houses. The third house was on top of a big hill. Go to http://i.ytimg.com/vi/WcQRcgwcE38/maxresdefault.jpg . The fourth and final house was a four story and had mansion type style. Materially, it was made of quartz and was labelled on the newly added mailboxes 'THREE'. I have to say - it must have had - what - twenty-five beds?? Anyway, I went to the hotel, and it is amazing!! So is is the Health & Fitness Centre. We didn't have a Padlet for afterwards, and doing the first one was not very sufficient in my opinion. It was creepy when we went into survival mode. Everyone was feeling sorry for me because I got strangled by a wall and had to re-start the game. I actually didn't know how I died, but Zain was nearby and he said; "Oh, god!! You're getting strangled by a wall!!"

I didn't mean to, in fact, I was trying to get up an elevator in the hotel. Anyway, here is the first Padlet.

It is a bit better, I mean, grid and background. I do suggest not to go on it though. Thnx for reading!! Bye!!!!